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Welcome to The Desk of Good Advice, your trusted source for strategy, business insights, trends, analytics, and data-driven reinvention. Gain valuable guidance and practical tips to navigate the dynamic business landscape, make informed decisions, and drive growth. Join our community and unlock the power of knowledge to achieve sustainable success.

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Unlock potential through insights.


Strategic insights for business success.


Strategic power through data insights.

Business Trends

Rapidly evolving business trends are driven by disruption, innovation, digitalization, sustainability, and a focus on customer-centricity.





A strategic leader with over 15 of experience in analytics delivery and data-driven transformation. With a strong track record of success, led global teams and spearheaded major initiatives for SP500 clients. With expertise in cloud technologies, data engineering, and analytics strategy has resulted in substantial sales growth and tangible business impact.


My Passions are:

1. Data & Analytics

2. Strategy

3. Quantum Physics

4. Geo-politics

5. BJJ 



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